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Vishwaguruji's darshan is for all

13 February 2024

Whether it is a king or common people, a true Guru is like a tree or rain, equal and always there for everyone.

On 12 February, the Maharaja and Maharani of Jodhpur (king and queen) had Vishwaguruji's darshan once again, at the Shiva Temple in OM Ashram.

20240212 Jadan AUM02905 web20240212 Jadan AUM02844 web20240212 Jadan DJI 0430 web20240212 Jadan IMG 5144 inst20240212 Jadan IMG 5178 inst

On 13 February, Western bhaktas also had the opportunity to come and personally greet Vishwaguruji and receive the highest prashad throughout the whole morning. 

IMG 20240213 WA0001IMG 20240213 WA000420240213 Jadan IMG 5405 web20240213 Jadan IMG 5423 web

Every day, more people are arriving, at the OM Ashram travelling from near and far and Vishwaguruji gives everyone equal attention and blessings. The energy of one who serves the world is truly immense.