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Variety of cultural and spiritual programs during the Opening

13 - 14 February 2024

Various rich cultural and spiritual events accompany the Grand Opening of the OM Ashram.

13 February – In addition to the regular programs, the local and international bhaktas present at the opening, have been able to enjoy the wonderful chanting of mantras and fire dance performance by the Gorakhnath Sampradaya (traditional Guru school). The followers of Guru Jasnath from Rajasthan delighted everyone with their spiritual, harmonious singing and dancing with agni, the element of fire.

Deep true devotion and trust towards Gurudev and the divine, along with mantras and chanting, make the dancing devotees completely untouchable by the fire. He who is a true devotee cannot be harmed by the elements, for him, everything is a divine dance.

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14 February – Divine dance was the theme of the following day as well, in the performance of the magnificent Bharatnatyam dancer, Vishwaguruji's student Bhakti Devi. After her performance, which was a true meditation in motion, a bhajan group from Gujarat sang bhajans late into the night.

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15 February – Each evening, after prayers and prashad, the Katha Hall hosts bhajan bands from different parts of India. On this night the spiritual music and songs were led by famous singers and their group from the village of Sojat, very close neighbour to the OM Ashram.

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